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Axia P3 Podiatry Exam Chair

Axia P3 Podiatry Exam Chair


Axia P3 Podiatry Exam Chair Features

The Axia P3 Podiatry Exam Chair is a powered 3 movement examination chair. The powered features include up/down, front/back tilt, and reclining up/down. Not only does this chair feature 3 powered movements but it also has pneumatic assist single leg supports, 180-degree chair rotation, and foot control. This exam chair is perfect for podiatry exams and procedures.

  • Power up/down
  • Power front/back tilt
  • Reclining up/down
  • Pneumatic assist leg supports
  • 180-degree chair rotation
  • Foot control

Axia P2 Podiatry Exam Chair Specifications

Technical Specifications

  • Actuators: 3
  • Length: 70″ – 78″
  • Chair width: 32″
  • Sitting width: 24″
  • Height: 19″ – 42″”
  • Chair Weight:63 lbs.
  • Max. Capacity:440 lbs
  • Max. Working Height: 52″
  • Watt: 96
  • Fold Away Arm Support: 185°
  • Memory button: No
  • Rotatable: yes



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